5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Window Cleaning Company in Florida 2018

  • #4 October,2018

Windows are a part of your property façade and reflect its character as any other part of it. Clean and sparkling windows naturally add character to it while also giving a clear view of the exterior.

It is normal for windows to get dirty with dust and dirt accumulation and the situation can get embarrassing especially when the sun is out and you have guests at home.

The dry and sunny weather complicates things further and the only recourse is professional window cleaning company in Florida.

Whoever you are appointing, you need to check out on the credentials of whom you are letting into your property and entrusting with the cleaning of your windows.

There is an avalanche of ‘one-man-army-cleaners’ that descend all over the town and also companies that carry out the job. Check out these facts before you hire one:


Company liability insurance: Window cleaning at any height involves high risks. You must ensure that the company or the person you are appointing for the cleaning job has a valid and updated liability insurance.

Otherwise, in case of an accident on your property, you will be held liable to cover all medical and probably personal injury costs. When you come across a company with the needed insurance you can be sure that they are professional window cleaners that know the job and do it seriously too.

Tools, amenities: Any window cleaning company of worth is sure to have a host of tools and cleaning apparatus that are needed for the purpose. There are rubbers of differing thickness that are used for precise cleaning of windows.

After all, your windows should emerge spotlessly clean without damaging any of the external façade, the paint or damaging any of the interior parts.

Experience matters: Experience in this industry matters as window cleaning needs special knowledge and hands-on experience. Factors like equipping a ladder properly so as not to cause any damage to the exterior or interior of the property is important.

Similarly, it is important to have knowledge of different types of glass and how they respond to different elements. The type of cleaning agents used and their effect on pets and humans also matter. The company you hire should use eco-friendly yet effective products.

Quality service: A company that can be trusted for window cleaning is sure to have its name known in the neighborhood. They are sure to have a clean image and a list of regular customers.

Ask the company for references and customers that they have worked for earlier and check out their credentials to get a report of the quality of service that they provide.

In the best cases, they are also sure to have genuine photographs of the cleaning tasks that they have carried out. Spotless cleaning while abiding by all the safety parameters ensure that you have a good company at hand.

Costs and pricing: Ask the company about the costs and the mode of contract. While some work on as and when needed basis, there are yet others that maintain yearly contracts.

This is especially true for high rises. In any case, the rates should be competitive and as per market rate. The best way that you can compare is to take quotes from the top companies and check out their individual credentials and hire the best option.

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