9 Best Paver Materials for Patios

  • #6 June,2019

Pavers enhance the appearance of patios. It increases property value. You can choose your stone pavers from a variety of materials.

Each material meets specific needs. You should choose the material as per your lifestyle, budget and future needs.

You can choose larger pavers if traditional appearance seems more pleasing to you. Small pavers let you play with designs, shapes, textures and decorations.

The top 9 materials for pavers are:

i) Brick Pavers (Clay)

Brick Paver

The orange surfacing material is a popular paver material for centuries. The traditional setup offers the home a clean look. Clay patio floor feels nice to touch, unlike a concrete floor that can be boiling hot in summer.

The natural material is easy to clean, Eco-friendly and can be arranged in different patterns.

ii) Flagstone

Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone is a great choice for your backyard patio. The sedimentary rocks fit together like puzzles.

Flagstone is better in using as an outdoor patio material for its thinness. The durable and versatile material looks great and is easier to clean.

iii) Travertine

Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers are Eco-friendly as they’re natural materials. Its natural appeal makes it a popular option for outdoor flooring and landscaping.

It looks pleasant on countertops, pool areas, indoor floorings and patios. The durable, affordable material insulates heat.

iv) Marble

Marble Pavers

Marble pavers are great for both commercial and residential purposes. It makes stunning outdoor landscapes while exhibiting an elegant aura.

The regal and smooth polish makes the floor look sophisticated and graceful. It is great to use in the driveway, flooring, pool deck or patios.

The durable pavers are easy to clean and feel cold to touch. Marble pavers add value to a property.

v) Porcelain

Proclain Pavers

Porcelain pavers look great in both indoor and outdoor areas. But its less-absorbent quality makes it best for backyard patios and pool decks.

The inexpensive pavers are visually appealing, thanks to its elegance and beauty. You can choose different patterns and colors as per your taste.

vi) Rubber

Rubber pavers

Natural paver materials look great, but so do recycled materials. Modern technology has made the process of manufacturing recycled materials easier.

Rubber pavers are durable, affordable, tear-resistant and eco-friendly. The slip-resistant, shock-absorbent material is great for pool areas. The material makes cracking and chipping less frequent.

vi) Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel Pavers

Loose fill materials are equally popular among Florida homeowners. Pea gravel lends an interesting look to the setting. The colorful material offers excellent drainage at an affordable price. The shades of pea gravel range from brown, red, gray, tan, blue, white, green and many others.

viii) Goose Egg Gravel

If loose fill materials are pleasing to you, then goose egg gravel is another option for you. It offers a smoother and rounder appearance in neutral tones.

ix) Jersey Shore Gravel

Jersey Shore Gravel

Beachy vibes will make your BBQ nights better. Yellow round ‘Jersey Shore’ gravel features unique, colorful (brown, yellow, tan) stones.

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