Best Time to Lay Sod in Florida

  • #6 June,2019

Gorgeous lush, thick green lawn increases property value. Sod installation makes this accomplishment easier.

Sod is grass sections that include roots. But this easy accomplishment needs work, time and money.

The season or the month of the year defines if sod installation will be fruitful.

Central Florida doesn’t get consistent cold temperatures. However, occasional freezes and frost are not unusual there.

Consistent cold temperature is common in North Florida. South Florida is a tropical area that usually remains warm.

But Florida is considered a warm state. Therefore, warm-season sod grass is the best to install in Florida.

Bermuda, Bahia, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine are the best grasses to install in Florida. Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescues are suitable in cold climates.

After choosing the sod, the next important thing is deciding the time of installation.

Temperature plays an important role in sod installation. 50 degrees or higher temperature is perfect for sod installation.

Less than 50-degree temperature makes the grassroots dormant.

Winter is the least desirable season for sod installation. Dormant grassroots don’t get enough time to establish into the soil.

The replacement of dead sod can be costly.

Spring is a good option, but sudden temperature change can affect sods negatively.

Florida witnesses a sudden rise in temperature during Spring. Sods grow well in moist ground. If you lay sod in spring, then you’ve to water them frequently.

Summer dries up water easily but sods need moisture. Without moisture, roots won’t establish properly.

If you lay sod in summer, then you need an installed irrigation system to keep the sods moist. You’ve to water the sods consistently. It’s better to avoid summer.

Monsoon is also not ideal for sod installation. Sods need a balanced amount of heat and water.

During the monsoon or sometimes during summer, Florida witnesses heavy rain that can wreak havoc.

Fungus, insects and diseases affect the newly laid sods. The brutal weather isn’t at all desirable for sod installation.

Now we’ve only Fall. Fall is suitable to lay sod in Florida as it brings cooler temperatures that don’t affect the growth of roots.

Cooler temperatures lessen the maintenance requirement as the sods won’t need frequent watering.

During Fall, winter is still far away that lends you enough time to lay your sods, fertilize and mow them.

Fall is great to lay sod for another reason. Most landscape plants reach their maturity during the fall. This makes your work easier as you’ve to concentrate on sod installation only.

Few tips before Sod Installation:

i) Clear your lawn before laying sods. Any weed, stones or other objects can destroy your sod and its beauty.
ii) Grade your soil properly. This helps in water drainage.
iii) Soil testing can help you create a lush green lawn. Some sods work best on some specific soil.

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