6 Beautiful Flowers and Plants Suitable for the Warm Weather of Florida

  • #25 June,2018

Florida, the Sunshine State, is an amazing place to live in. One of the characteristics of this state is its humid and hot summers, and warm springs. If you want to improve your landscape design in Florida by planting some beautiful flowers, trying going for the flowers that are suitable for warm weather. Here we’ve created a list of some amazing flowers that are ideal for warm climate and can enhance your garden’s beauty.

1. Egyptian Star Flowers

Also referred to as “Egyptian star cluster” or “pentas”, this flower blooms throughout the year, flourishing in regions that frost rarely. This makes the flower highly suitable for garden and landscape design in Florida. The flowers bloom in various hues, ranging from blue and lavender to red and pink. They are quite easy to grow; you can even plant the flowers in the ground. During springtime, these flowers draw butterflies and bees.

2. Rain Lilies

The pink variety of rain lilies is a native of Central America and Cuba. So, these flowers are suitable for humid subtropical zones like South and Central Florida. These flowers have been named such because they bloom just following the rains. In your garden, plant bulbs with a distance of 9 inches between two. Ensure that you provide them with fertilizer after every two weeks. Summers are a great time to watch these rain lilies in full abundance. The average height of these plants is 9 to 10 inches. They are amazing flowers for border areas and landscape design in Florida.

3. Begonias

The blooming white and pink begonias are a sign of spring arriving in the country’s other parts. In Florida, these beautiful begonias are loved and planted by gardeners throughout the year. They are low-maintenance, you just need to plant them well and watch them bloom. Begonias need fertilizer and water; so make sure that you provide them with adequate amounts of both. You can even put them in a window box and beautify the area. Choose a lightly shaded region to plant these flowers.

4. Crossandra “Orange Marmalade”

While choosing the crossandra variety, go for the orange marmalade. Almost every Floridian would love the orange color adding brilliance to their garden. Native to Indian Subcontinent, these flowers are not capable of withstanding cold, thereby being ideal perennials for South and Central Florida. Visit any garden center to buy this flower and plant it in an area that’s partially shady. Crossandras may need about 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.

5. Florida Sweethearts

Also known as “elephant ears” or “angel wings”, these plants have large leaves with their interiors being colorful pink. Florida Sweethearts thrive only when the ground’s temperature is greater than 70 degrees, making them a summer favorite of South and Central Florida. Choose to plant them individually or together with other perennials. Keep in mind that the leaves become large, and so, make sure the plant occupies one square foot when planted.

6. Golden Shrimp Plants

Golden shrimp is a wonderful plant for landscape design in Florida. Growing to 3-4 feet height, the plant exhibits white flowers blooming above yellow bracts. It’s a tropical plant and suits well to the summer rainy season of Florida. During the summer months, this plant requires the most water.

Now that you know the flowers are suitable for the warm weather of Florida, go ahead and plant one or more of these beautiful flowers in your garden, patio or windows. They will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also lift up your mood!

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