10 Paver Patio Ideas For Florida

  • #29 October,2018

Your patio pavers plays a big role in making your outdoor living more attractive and also fashionable.

Whether you are looking to get Paver Installation one for your new property to remodel one in an existing one, you cannot overlook a host of factors.

You need to take into consideration the size and the shape of the space and external façade style and material to be used.

Then of course, there is the budget to be taken care of while making the choice of materials.

Local stones are not just economical as it saves the huge shipping charges but they also blend in with Florida surrounding areas effortlessly.

Apart from the looks, when you are looking for paver patio ideas, you need to keep the utility factor in mind.

This is where safety also comes in. Pavers should have smooth surfaces without bumps in case you are considering dividing the patio area into dining and living spaces.

At the same time, outdoor patios should not have slippery smooth surfaces that become risk prone when wet.

Once you have made your choice between stone options and concrete, it is time to choose the right designs too. Here are the top 10 paver patio design ideas for you:

  1. A simple yet attractive option is that of placing concrete squares evenly in a bed of gravels for a clean modern look. It can go with any space type and size on any property.
  2. Grids are of course an all-time favorite. Colored flagstones that are simple to install and have high durability lend a plush look to the landscape making the patio fashionable too.
  3. For those of you that are blessed with large outdoor living areas, you can create an attractive and intriguing pathway from your internal living space to the outdoor living space. A straight pathway with a circular end around which the living is arranged all made in the crushed stone material can be very plush.
  4. You can match up your patio paver design with the external architecture of the building by placing long bands of bluestone with black pebbles in the gap between them. Durable and attractive, they come alive with tough-weather flora and fauna along them.
  5. A clean modern way of laying the pavers is by tight-fitting them together. Opt for charcoal-hued paver stones that perfectly complements any neutral exterior color palette.
  6. Lay a meandering paver pathway to add the element of mystery and beauty in your outdoor living. Give it a granite cobble accent over a concrete base leading to the square living space.
  7. The best way to brighten your outdoor living space amidst a space constriction is to allow the growth of grass between the square concrete blocks. Trendy, modern and lively they add oodles of elegance too.
  8. Tightly laid brick pavers of varying sizes is great for any patio that is bright and leaves you free of matching it up with the external look of the building or the rest of the landscape.
  9. If you are planning to leave the major part of the space as a green lawn and build a smaller patio, building a corner patio is a great option. Make use of irregular sized large and small sized flagstones in the slate black color to make it stand out. Lay a single stepping stone pathway of the same blocks with lots of grass in between to blend in seamless with the lawn.

For those that have a barbeque and an attached concrete dining table, stone comes in very handy. Pave the patio floor with stone tile and the rest of the structure with stone for that perfect blended look.

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