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Go Get ‘em Young Lawn Service offers you expert planting services that begin from the sods and end with an attractively landscaped garden for your homes. We are in the business of planting trees and taking care of lawns and gardens for close to a couple of decades. Florida is our home and we take pride in providing planting service of class for charmingly done up landscapes.


An ideal planting service detail

Planting flower beds, shrubs and trees of different types help bring alive the landscape as per the external façade of your structure, the shape and the size of your garden. To keep the landscape vibrant all year long, it is important to take care of certain factors listed below:

  • Plants have to be chosen according to the micro-climate of the place that will be their home. It is no use planting trees that are unable to stand the strong sun and humid climate or cannot withstand the seasonal thunderstorm.

  • When planting them, care has to be taken to choose variants that are attractive and at the same time easy to maintain. Attractive landscapes can emerge out of hardy plants and shrubs that do not need too much of attention cutting maintenance costs.

  • Plants and shrubs have to be selected according to the external elevation of your home to aide in its safety, give it aesthetic value and also add the much-needed shade to it. The right combination of the hardscape and the trees will help get this right effect.

  • It is not just planting them but planting them at the right time of the year that will largely influence the growth of the trees, shrubs, and flowers. Too much of drought, heat or cold are not the right planting conditions. It has to be done in ideal climatic situations for them to settle well in your property.

As veterans of the trade, we know how to handle the specific planting needs of your property. Right from the preparation stage of the soil to the regular maintenance service, we offer you the full spectrum of lawn services with utmost finesse.

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