Service Details

Tree Service

We are here for you round the clock to provide regular as well as emergency tree services to ensure that your property maintains its impeccable look, precise standards and above all remains safe.


Tree Trimming

Trees grow really fast in Florida and they need regular trimming services to maintain the perfect look of the landscape or the garden. We have the necessary Class license that is mandatory to work on clients’ trees. Our credentials prove that we are well-versed with National Tree Care Standards.

Especially if you have palm trees on your property, we help clients remain on the right side of the law by maintaining their proper shape, maintaining and caring for them. We carry out timely trimming services to help you maintain clean properties and avoid any controversy with neighbors as well.


Tree Removal

Tree cutting needs precise knowledge of the method of cutting, the safety measures to be adopted and the smooth removal. We are both certified and insured to carry out all types of tree cutting, felling and stump grinding in your premises. Each cutting is carried out with precision so as not to harm any part of the property. Whether it is a sick tree that has to be removed or one that is leaning dangerous over the property, we take care of each tree cutting and removal with precision.


Emergency Tree Services

Florida hurricanes are always in the news for the wrong reasons leaving trails of devastation everywhere! We are here to provide you the needed tree services cutting and removing the fallen branches, those that are obstructing pathways or hanging overhead dangerously. When nature acts rough, we are here to keep your life and property safe with our quick response and clean tree works.

From pruning to fertilizing, trimming to felling, mowing to clearing, Go Get ‘em Lawn Service is here to handle all your outdoor green needs!!!