Types of Sprinkler Heads in Florida 2018

  • #1 October,2018

Sprinklers are a crucial part of the lifeline of lawns and gardens. However, they come in different types and it is important to choose the right one to get the best benefits from them. As technologies advance, there is always a better choice of products available in the market. While this is beneficial, it may appear confusing to those that are not aware of the variants.

This article is dedicated to make an easy classification of the sprinklers for users to make the right choice when buying.

  1. Spray Heads or Sprinklers:

    The most common variant is the one with small spray-heads that spray water in a fan-shape. The design on the nozzle determines the patterns in which they will be emitting the water spray and the radius that the arcs cover. The spray can take place in a variety of patterns such as full circle arcs, half circles, and quarter circles. Specific pattern spraying is also available for long and narrow stretches.


    There are two sub-variants of the Sprinklers – the Pop-Up Sprinklers and the Shrub Style Sprinklers.

    a. Pop-Up Sprinklers: These are installed beneath the ground and have a pop-up stem and a stationary pop-up spray. A piston lifts the nozzle up when in operation and retracts it to below the ground level after use. The height of the stem or the body can range from 2 inches to 20 inches and are best suited for tough soil that is difficult to dig up. 4-inch pops are good for turf ground, and 6-12 inches for gardens and ground covers. These are both safe and give the lawn a smooth appearance.
    There are always improved variants in the market for better and more controlled precipitation rates helping the ground to absorb the water reducing run-off and thus water bills.

    b. Shrub Sprinklers: These have their sprinkler heads are above the ground and mounted on a pipe. They derive their name from the fact that they were used for shrubs in earlier days. These are gradually being phased out.


  2. Impact Rotors:

    Rotating streams of water that come back and forth and even in circles from the sprinklers has given this type the name. It operates with a distinct sound marking its operation.


  4. Gear Rotors:

    The Gear Rotors are fast replacing the impact motors. They have low maintenance, quiet operations and come in smaller sizes. This apart, they are capable of ejecting more streams of water than other variants. In fact, they can also be multiple streams across the landscape and at time create a wonderful spectacle. Enclosed body design requires low maintenance as there are less dirt and dust accumulation.


  6. Rotatory Nozzles & Rotators:

    This is among the latest addition in the arsenal and also known as spray heads. They are fitted on smaller and spray head bodies. These produce less mist than conventional sprinklers preventing evaporation of water before reaching the ground. The name “rotatory” comes from the fact that they are small rotors on spray-type sprinklers.


    Armed with the knowledge of the different types of sprinklers you can now make a better selection of the type that will best suit your space and needs.

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