How Often Should You Book A Window Cleaning Service?

  • #6 August,2018

Commercial window cleaning services gaining huge popularity in all parts of the country including Florida. And this is not without reason. No one wants to spend the hard-earned weekend lugging large buckets and wipers and get soaked in soapy water for half a day. When it comes to the commercial sector, it is naturally dependent on the professional service providers.


Residential sector

In the case of residences, you may choose to book their window cleaners as often as you think that the windows need a cleaning. The location of your home and the immediate surroundings will have a big say in this. Living close to the sea or the road calls for more frequent window cleaning than those that live off the road in more serene locales.

City homes have different and more intense requirements with the dust and grime settling more easily on the windows than in the suburbs. For most such homes, at least a monthly or better bi-weekly cleaning is a must to keep the glass sparkling clean.


Commercial sector

Commercial windows of shops and offices housed on the ground floors are usually cleaned and maintained on a regular basis – twice a week in most cases. Retail stores have to put up their best front all the time and need cleaning almost everyday or every alternate for the crystal-clear look.

In cases of high-rise buildings having large glass coverings, apart from the need for cleaning, there is also the requirement of highly specialized tools to take care of the glass cleaning. These windows are usually cleaned by experienced contracts that carry it out on a monthly basis covering the entire edifice.


Landscape and design providers

It is undeniable that the beauty of your landscape will take a backseat with dusty and dirty windows and debris lying all over. Companies that provide specialized landscape designs and lawn services extend their abilities to window cleaning with care. These professionals are also the best people to advise you on the exact frequency of cleaning that your home or commercial windows need.

Immaterial of the type of provider that you opt for, what matters is the frequency at which you get the windows cleaned and that too using the right agents. Make sure that the person carries out the cleaning use only non-toxic cleaning agent that are also effective cleaners.

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