7 Fabulous Florida Perennial Flowers To Grow In your Lawn or Patio

  • #1 August,2019

The climate of Florida is unique. The warm springs and humid summers can impose a serious challenge for gardeners to grow their favorite flowers, shrubs, herbs, and algae.

If you have a sprawling lawn at your home and have planted specific plants in the past without any success, then it’s time to opt for the perennials that will live for three years.

Perennials are small flowering plants that blossom and develop over the spring and summer season.

They hibernate in winter and autumn and return to life in spring from their rootstock. Such flowering plants naturally flourish well in the gardens of Florida.

We have put together a collection of the best florida perennial flowers and plants just for you. Keep on reading.



Buttercups are dazzling golden yellow flowers endowed with waxy petals and small blooms. One genus of the flowering perennial plant contains 200 to 600 species.

Belonging to the ranunculus repens family, they spread easily by seeds paving the way for new generations every season.

The shrub can thrive in low moisture levels without showing signs of wilting.



Producing delicate magenta-scarlet flowers, bougainvillea is a leading perennial plant that grows in Florida.

The flowers can spruce up any garden or patio with its marvelous magenta color.

The shrub requires six hours of bright sunshine every day for optimum growth making it ideal to be planted on the gardens of Florida.



Blossoming in a wide range of colors including yellow, light orange, white, and pink Bulbine is another popular native perennial flowering plant.

Belonging to the Asphodelaceae family, it flourishes well in a multitude of soils and can tolerate hot and humid conditions very well.

Each plant bears 10 to 15 flowers that spike to approximately 2 feet tall.

The expert service providers of Landscaping Florida can assist you to grow Bulbine in your garden or lawn and give you valuable tips to nurture it.

Bulbine is one of the best flowers to grow in Florida.

Persian Shield

Persian Shield

Persian shield is a tropical landscape shrub that can grow well by enduring harsh weather conditions and high humidity.

You only need to organically mulch the soil in which it will grow.

It’s a hardy plant that bears pink and white flowers. Placing the shrub indoors will revive the ambiance bringing it alive while alleviating the mood.



Bright flowers always look striking in a yard or patio, making Crossandra an ideal choice for gardeners.

The flowers of the shrub blossom in the shades of orange, apricot, and salmon.

Belonging to the family of Acanthaceae, the flowering plant can grow as tall as 3 feet. 54 species of the genus blossom in late spring that continues till autumn.



You must have seen this gorgeous shrub growing down hillsides or simply as creeping vines, but the truth is it looks equally fabulous in lawns and gardens.

The perennial shrub blossoms well in partial shades throughout the year.

The flowers blossom in a host of hues such as blue, white, green, yellow, and lavender.



Curcuma is a perennial plant that bears flamboyant and sweetly-scented purple flowers and lush green leaves.

The flowers resemble tulips and look splendid.

The heat-loving and long-blooming perennial flowering plant emerges from the soil during May and grows through October.

Which of the above perennial flowers you would like to plant in your garden? Share your comments to us in the box given below.

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