6 Amazing Florida Friendly Landscaping Ideas

  • #3 July,2019

Whether you want to improve the existing setup of your lawn or mask the unaesthetic areas of your patio, friendly landscaping ideas can help you achieve all aesthetic goals.

In fact, landscaping can help you to sustain the environment, preserve water, keep foliage healthy, and minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Many property owners opt to be more classical in their approach, while others choose countryside style landscaping ideas.

Here are some Florida friendly landscaping Ideas that will make your patio or yard environmentally sustainable and aesthetic.

Adopt a climate-friendly approach

Landscaping in Florida

Florida has a humid sub-tropical type of climate throughout the year and the heat can be really intense.

The greeneries in your garden should absorb the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide released by the soil and keep the environment around you cool.

Plants like firebush, thryallis, plumbago are popular among gardeners and thrive well in the climatic conditions of Florida.

Plant the shrubs in the right place

Shrubs in Florida

For saving water, sustaining the environment, and reducing maintenance, it is vital that you plant the shrubs and foliage in the right place.

It will also contribute to their growth by exposing them to the right environment and even get acclimatized to the conditions of your individual property.

Get in touch with professional landscaping services for more ideas and tips about landscaping and hardscaping your property.

Water in adequate amount

Watering Plants in Florida

When watering your vegetation and greeneries, it is important to water them properly.  Many garden owners use excessive water for eradicating pests from plants.

But this is certainly a misconception. Over-watering does not eliminate pests and has adverse effects.

It leads to water-logging in the soil which negatively impacts its ability to absorb oxygen from the air.

Professional service providers can give you Florida friendly landscaping ideas and tips for better ornamentation and maintenance of your patio. They can also give you a feasible landscape design Florida.

Deal with pests sensibly

Pests Control in Garden

Handling pests are important for maintaining plant health in your lawn or garden. Pests are detrimental to foliage.

At the same time, using pesticides is not a feasible idea since it damages the environment.

Hence, you need to find a better solution for dealing with pests and insects. To alleviate pests you need to:

  • Use an adequate amount of water and fertilizers.
  • Evaluate the condition of the plants in your patio or yard and check them on a weekly basis to detect pest problems if any.
  • Attract insects that are actually good for shrubs and vegetation. It includes colorful butterflies, moths, honeybees, and others.

Opt for Mulching


Garden owners should never underestimate the importance of mulching when it comes to maintaining the health of the foliage along with proper soil temperature and fertility.

Organic mulching near flower beds and trees provides an assortment of benefits for gardeners such as making the plants more resistant and endure long dry spells, providing nutrients to the soil, saving water and fertilizers and much more.

For more tips and Florida friendly landscaping ideas, hire professionals.

Attract birds

Bird Bath in Garden

Who doesn’t love exotic birds to visit their lawns and greeneries? However, to attract them you need to install a fountain or water feature.

You can also build a bird bath to invite humming birds, blue jays and others.

If you are dreaming of a lush green canopy, then follow the above-mentioned landscaping ideas and tips.

Turn your dream into reality and make your outdoor space a spectacle for the onlookers.

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