Top 10 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Homes

  • #5 November,2018

The best homes are those that have a wonderful front yard welcoming the guest as well as the owner back home every time.

Immaterial of the size and shape of the land in front of your home, you can always turn it into an attractive spot with some simple yet eye-catching landscape design.

Landscaping ideas need not necessarily be expensive and overtly elaborate given the typical climatic conditions in Florida.

Even simple makeovers can transform spaces into the most fascinating spaces in front of home making the property interesting and also increases its worth.

Here are some tips that will help give your front outdoor spaces a stunning makeover:

  1. Begin with the entrance of your home and give it a lively look. One of the best and the easiest ways is to place flower planters. Pick from the decorative variants available in the market and place seasonal flowers to give the front home space a bright and welcoming look. Placing a low fence along the front yard separating the street and your property. The effect is that you have a lovely looking home tucked off the street with a lively front space!

  2. When you already have a high fence, a great way of giving your property a majestic look is by planting rambling vines that cover it. Their pink, purple, blue and other colorful blossoms will give the property a colored life that complements the color of the façade.

  3. Plant a variety of colorful and no-fuss plants all long the front yard. In this case, lilies are a great choice coming different colors and giving out a sweet fragrance. These are not just low-maintenance but also induce continual growth with their bulbs. They love the sun and are just right for the local Florida climate.

  4. The quintessential way of giving any front yard a complete makeover is by growing perennial blooming shrubs of different colors. The medium or large sized plants that are placed evenly apart can turn your property into an attractive spot of the block with its riot of natural colors.

  5. For those of you that have a driveway, make sure to dress it up with attractive pavers and complementing plant beds. The trick to having a scintillating front yard landscape is to create a raised lawn at the center of the drive with low hedge at the back. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures complementing the pavers and the overall look of the façade.

  6. Give your pathway a long and winding look through a thick growth of green by placing the plants and planters strategically along the pavers. Opt for large paver blocks and place low flower beds along the driveway. Place high planters on stands behind them and create the high and dense greener growth.

  7. If you have a construction in your front yard that you think are not really pretty, a great way of dealing with them is by camouflaging them with lovely plants and flowers. Lightweight planters of composite materials that are durable too can be placed on these structures to give them a natural colorful look that blends in and also brings them alive.

  8. An undeniable way of landscaping small and restricted front yards is by having plain walkways leading to the home with neatly hardscaped plants near the entrance and low flower beds surrounding the hardscape. The surrounding areas are best left as lush green lawns giving a visual illusion of a spacious front yard.

  9. For those of you that wish to have a no-frills property that is also attractive and is low on maintenance, you can go for layering. Leave the front space as a lush green lawn and layer the sides next to the entrance with low shrubs and flower beds that are perineal.

  10. Modern lines with unique hardscaping textures is immensely popular with homes having small front yards. The easiest way of doing them up is by laying walkways with pavers and pebbles and lining the surrounding with differently colored pebbles and small and weather resistant shrubs.

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