5 Exciting Florida Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

  • #30 July,2019

Landscape designing is the key to improving the facade of your house. Irrespective of the size of the lawn, landscaping can help you transform your patios and yards.

In this blog, we have rounded up 5 exciting Florida landscaping ideas for small yards and adjacent areas that make the most of their natural surroundings.

1. Combine Hardscapes and Greenscapes

Hardscapes and Greenscapes

Hardscaping involves the utilization of rocks, stones, concrete, wood, and other man-made and natural materials.

Experts believe, hardscaping considerably enhances the visual and environmental impact of the lawn.

Some common types of hardscaping include patio walkways, retainer walls, cement driveways, and wooden decks in the backyard.  Greenscaping, on the other hand, involves the creation of a sustainable landscape.

This includes laying new sod soil, planting trees at the appropriate angles, and building a yard with recyclable rainwater run-offs.

A perfect combination of hardscaping and landscaping techniques can uplift the décor and create wonders for your lawn.

2. Fence Your Perimeter

Fence Your Perimeter

Though it’s primarily meant for security purposes, well-decorated fences around the perimeter of a yard uplift its beauty significantly.

Try placing pot hangers all over the fence using clamps and supports and plant kitchen herbs and annuals like pansies and bacopa to multiply its beauty.

3. Use Tiered Planters

Tiered planters

When it comes to landscaping in Florida, using tiered planters is the latest trend. Planters are available in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Choose the best one as per the shape and size of your lawn and the color you like. Then, plan perennials like lilies, Angelonia, and Begonia and spread all across your garden.

4. Plant Rambling Vines

Plant Rambling Vines

One simple hack to make the most of your surroundings is to plant rambling vines. Experts say, there’s nothing more gorgeous than deep green tendrils winding around the fences.

Clematis is one of the best-looking vines, and it looks great in small yards. It is available in blue, purple, red, pink, and white colors. Try growing this vine on a fence, trellis, or container, and then scramble your shrubs and perennials.

5. Decorate Your Driveway

Drive way

Carefully sculpting the landscape with colorful plants and materials will help you turn your dull driveway into an attractive one.

Start by creating a slightly raised island in the middle of the driveway and then decorate it with roses, annuals, and perennials. Buy ‘Crystal Fairy’ rose for height, lamb’s ears for texture, and ‘Butterfly Deep Rose’ for color.

Get Exciting Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards in Florida

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