6 Best Flowers That Bloom Year Around in Florida

  • #26 July,2019

Florida enjoys a sub-tropical climate throughout the year. Springs are warm and summers are hot and humid.

If you’re planning to plant some beautiful flowers in your garden, or window box in such a warm and tropical climate, then this blog is a must-read for you!

Here’s a list of 6 best flowers that  bloom year around in Florida.

1. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

Being native to the Indian Sub-Continent, the Orange Marmalade can easily withstand the hot and humid climate of Florida. Purchase this flower at any garden center and plant it in a partially shady region. Never expose the plant to direct sunlight as they can only bear up to four hours of direct sunlight a day.

2. Egyptian Star Flowers

Egyptian Star Flowers

Also known as “Egyptian Star Cluster” and “Pentas”, it blooms all through the year in Florida. It grows even in those regions that hardly experience winter. This means it’s will be a great choice for Florida gardening. The most exciting part? They bloom in different colors, varying from red and pink to blue and lavender. You can plant them in the ground and cultivate beautiful shrubs.

3. Begonias


The bloom of begonias implies that the onset of spring in the United States. In Florida, eye-soothing begonias are a gardener’s friend throughout the year. They are easy to maintain, as they just require water and a minimal amount of fertilizer to bloom. Plant them in a slightly shaded area in your garden or window box and witness the sheer elegance and beauty of the Begonias after a couple of months.

4. Florida Sweethearts

Florida Sweethearts

Florida Sweethearts are also known as “Angel Wings” and “Elephant Ears”. The leaves are large and pink in color and look extremely gorgeous. Their ability to thrive in warm grounds and humid climate makes them a summer favorite in Central and Southern Florida. The best part? You can plant only the Florida Sweethearts and also in combination with other plants in the garden. Just make sure to leave at least one square foot of space around it, as it will help the leaves grow better.

5. Wishbone Flowers

Wishbone Flowers

The Wishbone flower, or the “Clown Flower”, is one of the most beautiful flowers that blossom throughout the year in the tropical climate of Florida. Expert says these flowers are an excellent choice for landscaping in Florida as they remain perfect until the first frost. This means they won’t retreat until December or January.

6. Golden Shrimp Plants

Golden Shrimp Plants

This is a perfect plant for landscaping in the Sunshine State. Golden Shrimps are a shrub that grows to a height of three to four feet. The flowers are white in color and bloom on the top of yellow bracts. Being a tropical plant, this is an ideal flower for Florida’s climate.

The hot and humid climate provides the plant with all the sunlight and water it needs to blossom, making it one of the most beautiful flowers found in Florida.

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