7 Best Flowers to Plant in Florida

  • #2 August,2019

Are you looking to plant exotic flowers in your garden or showcase on your patio?

If your answer is yes, then you must choose those flowers that can thrive in Florida’s tough climatic conditions.

The flowers you intend to plant must be able to stand up to the warm springs and humid summers of the state.

If you’re new to gardening or wondering which flowers can adjust to the local climatic condition well, then don’t look beyond than these 7 popular flowers of the Sunshine state.



Verbena is a perennial herbaceous and semi-woody flowering plant that grows annually in Florida.

250 species of the genus blossom continuously from early summer to fall. The best thing about this shrub is that it requires very little or low maintenance.

Well-drained soil of average fertility and sunshine are enough to grow it in your garden or patio.

Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia

Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia

Bearing bold red-orange flowers, Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia is the perfect shrub to plant in your lush green garden setting a stark contrast to its shimmering dark green foliage.

The winter-flowering shrub is robust and can be grown in tropical outdoors.

The characteristic feature of the shrub is that a single stem can rise up to 12 feet clad in 6 inches long narrow, pointed, and dark green leaves.

Take the help of professional service providers of Landscaping Florida to get tips on how to grow this shrub into your garden.



Beautifying your lawn or patio with Pentas is a sure way to spruce up its looks.

The annual sparkling shrub bears star-shaped flowers in clusters that blossom in summer in hues of white, lavender, purple, pink, or red.

It thrives best in the sunshine and is the ideal tropical flowering plant to grow in the state of Florida.



Gerbera is a perennial flowering plant that belongs to the family of sunflowers and daisies.

It is the fifth most popular flower after roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and tulips. Named after famous German botanist Traugott Gerber, the shrub flourishes well in full sun or partial shade.

The decorative garden plant also needs well-drained soil and fertilizers to grow from spring to fall.

Hybrid Gerberas are available in an assortment of colors that looks splendid in the container gardens, vases, and landscapes.

You can choose from different color options such as pink, orange, dark yellow, scarlet, deep red and others.

Graffiti Violet

The shrub bears gorgeous flowers that are deep purple. It is a popular summer bloomer and grows uniformly in clusters.

The annuals can endure long dry spells and offer resistance to humidity; hence it is perfect to be grown in the gardens and boulevards of Florida.

Blue Salvia

Blue Salvia

Blue Salvia is a stunning native flowering plant of Florida. It bears exquisite violet-purple or white flowers that grow throughout spring, summer, and fall.

Packed with juicy nectar, the flowers attract hummingbirds and insects such as bees and butterflies.

Blue Salvia is as popular as the White Flowers growing in Florida acclimatizing well to its harsh weather conditions.



Purslane is a heat-loving annual plant that withstands the hot and humid conditions well due to its fibrous secondary roots.

The shrub is a great choice for gardens as it bears marvelous pink, orange, yellow, and white flowers.

Which flowering plant did you like the most? Feel free to send us your feedback and comments in the box provided below.

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