5 Best Fence for Security

  • #31 October,2018

Setting up a security fence for your property is important but it is equally important to complement its aesthetically with the surrounding landscape and façade.

Your choice of the fence and its installation in Florida should be clearly governed by the type of property that you hold, the patrolling that you have in the area and degree of security that you are looking for.

The best fence for security is one that stands as an obstacle to intruders making the fulfillment of their unworthy intentions as difficult as possible.

In fact, the most recommended fences are those that are at least 8 feet tall making it difficult to climb over.

Another important role of fences is to impede visibility from outside and enhance your privacy.

This is where the factor of see-through and solid variants come in.

Keeping all such factors in mind, we have for you a comprehensive list of 5 best fence options that offer maximum security.

Mess fencing or chain link: These are tightly woven wire grids that are hung between strong metal poles. The link gaps are usually made such that it is difficult for even the most athletic of intruders to gain a foothold.

Depending on the level of security that you desire these can be fortified with spikes or curved barb wires on top to further discourage climbers.

Palisade fencing: This of type of fence is similar to the Mess fence with the difference being that they have curved tops with razor wires that can be electrified.

The base of these fences are concrete blocks that make it impossible to dig them out. The metal bars holding the mess also have tamper-proof fittings to better the security. These are natural options for large estates or homes needing high security.

Metal post fences: These are made out of tall and thin metal rods of high tensile strength that are spaced out evenly. The rods themselves extend as spokes on top making climbing over a daunting affair.

Simple, see-through and yet providing a high level of security while also being aesthetically appealing. They can be used in for any modern or period properties blending in with the surroundings well.

Picket fences: These types of fences are considered the most aesthetically pleasing ones. Short wooden strips or even metal plates with a pointed top they are usually painted according to the color of the external façade around which it is placed.

These are low in height and does little to block the way of an intruder. They are usually placed to mark property areas in homes that are usually secured by guards.

Solid fences: Concrete or brick wall in continuous forms though offer formidable security are not the best of aesthetically pleasing ones.

These can be layered with concrete and wooden planks on top with a gradually lowering gradient in step form. This way they become aesthetically pleasing, offer high security and hinders visibility totally.

While installing this type of fence, care should be taken to see that intruders cannot hide behind them.

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