Top 10 Landscaping Ideas For Attractive Homes

  • #30 July,2018

A fascinating front yard complementing the façade of your property is the perfect precursor to the stunning interiors awaiting to impress your guests. It is important to plan the layout and the precise nature of the design of your garden just as it is to give the walls of your room the right texture and color.

You may want to consult your local landscape architect of repute in Florida for it that is in the landscaping business for years. But there are some fundamentals that always remain true and even the smallest lawn care service providing companies will recommend them.

Companies that provide specialized landscaping services explain at length how choosing the right shrubs and plants, a color of the flowers and their types can change the aesthetics of an entire property. Apart from the living plants, there is an important component that adds to the life and looks of your landscape – the hardscape that is incorporated into it.


Here are the top 10 ideas from professional landscaping companies that will give you a dream front or backyard without you having to break the bank!

  • Plan the hardscaping well

Make a clear choice of your hardscape material like driveway stones, rocks that you may want to place at the end of the garden or for the cobbled pathway. Decks and concrete are also part of the exterior hardscape. Hardscape should be complementing your façade well. In fact, it is the binding or common factor between the building and the outdoor. There is a choice of material available in the market both natural and synthetic with the look and feel of natural materials. Rustic stone charm with a combination of wood is a great way to hardscape your garden.

    1. Play with geometrical shapes

      Create geometrical shapes in different areas of the yard to give them distinct look and feel. You should keep in mind two distinct views when planning the geometrical layout. One is the view from outside when entering the property and the other is that which you get from your interiors. Both are equally important to impress your visitors and for you where you get a relaxing and soothing view of the greenery and colors from your bedroom or living room as the case may be.

  • Give it a structure

Make the landscape interesting by creating definitive structures with hedges to create a fencing. Use trees and shrubs of different heights to divide the topography such that each area gets a definitive identity. This kind of structuring will also add variety to the landscape giving it an interesting look and feel.

    1. Set a visual continuity among diversity

      It is important that you maintain a visual continuity even when using different types of shrubs, plants or flowers. Plant them in groups so that the eye glides over a patch of the same type of leaves, flowers or colors before moving on to the next variant. This will give the landscape the much-needed homogeneity in the midst of diversity making it pleasant and exciting.

  • Go for the lush green

A lush green rolling down the yard is an irreplaceable element. balance the riot of colors and the variety of plants and trees with the extended area of green grass in your yard. This is, in fact, the most important part of any garden and will give the landscape the much-needed depth. The continuous green lawn will, in fact, make the rest of the hardscape and landscape elements stand out to give them their distinctive character.

    1. Set apart zones

      Your garden’s landscape should also be utility-friendly apart from looking great. Divide the areas that you would like to use for sitting, swimming or even for kids to play. The entire landscaping will be structured and laid out accordingly. For the children’s playing area, you will have to designate only the lush green lawn without any holes or ditches below. In the case of your sitting area, you can surround it with plenty of flowers and potted plants that add to the vibrant surrounding much like an outdoor living room. The barbeque area will be full of durable natural material hardscape.

  • Add a splash with containers

Placing containers with flowers or small plants add a distinct character to the landscape. Your landscape design will get the flexible look and feel apart from the exceptional bright splash of color. In addition, you have the advantage of moving them around or even replacing them to give newer looks as per the season.

    1. Welcome with flowers

      Place the lovely seasonal flowers right across the hardscape at the entrance and greet yourself and your guests on arrival at your home. Place a low fence between the street and the main structure if the distance is too less to add visual space and place some flower beds along the sides to make it a vibrant entry.

  • Dress the driveway

Your driveway is the next point of interest while entering your home. Make a careful choice of sculpture and plants to make it perennially attractive. Once the paver installation is over, give the surrounding green more character by placing layers of plants of different heights with varying texture. You will be heading home through an exciting driveway however short it may be to return to your place of rest!

  1. Blend and contrast with the façade

    Make your landscape vibrant with plenty of contrasting colors and textures – both living and non-living. Plant shrubs and beds that stand out in different colors in the garden that stand out against the façade color and texture. Even between themselves, they should be able to stand out distinctly in groups that have their own feel and look contrasting in a harmonious way. Now that you have the complete guide to your front or backyard, it is also important to remember that is best to opt for a low maintenance landscaping. It is both cost-effective and pleasing to the eyes and improves the aesthetics of the property.


Go ahead and make your home the lovely haven you have always dreamt of!!!

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