4 Best Paver Brands

  • #2 November,2018

An alluring driveway paved attractively leading to the house with a beautifully landscaped garden having a stunning patio with lovely looking pavers is the picture-perfect property.

Paver installation certainly play a crucial role in making a property more attractive especially in the typical climatic conditions of Florida.

With so many variants and makers of pavers on the market, it is important to pick the right brand to give your property a high aesthetic value and worth for your investment.

Here is the list of the top and 4 best paver brands and why they are so to help you narrow the choice and pick the right ones for your property.


Widely acclaimed and used extensively, Cambridge pavers have been helping citizens extend their living space beyond the confines of the 4 walls to the exteriors seamlessly.

The company has been helping improve the living environments of citizens and has almost revolutionized paving with its proprietary Cambridge Pavingstones Collections.

Investing in the brand ensures full ROI given its high manufacturing standards at its centralized unit close to New York City.

The range of Cambridge Pavinstone systems for driveway, walkway, patio, pool and deck is a maintenance-free investment that is also available in several hundreds of patterns and color from among seven different collection.

Each of these are made and reinforced by ArmorTech giving the pavers the unique finish and strength. You have the option of choosing from the Sherwood, Renaissance, RoundTable, KingsCourt, Excalibur, Natural Stone and Crusader collections.

Whether you are looking for a smooth look finish or give your outdoors a more textured look and finish with beveled edges, square or rectangular blocks, you have it all.


A veteran company, it has introduced several firsts in the areas of manufacture and paving in the paver industry. From the first interlocking pavers to those for circular paving designs and commercial mechanical laying, Unilock has contributed to it all.

The company uses some very useful technology to give its consumers lasting return for their money. Enduracolor is one such that helps the pavers retain their colors lifetime despite climatic harshness.

The Colorfusion technology helps give the pavers a natural granite-like and more expensive look of the natural stone.

Among the range that the company offers are Reala that has a realistic texture of cobblestone. Ultima is yet another proprietary product with unmatched four times the strength of ordinary pavers.

The Easyclean range are best for areas prone to stain like pool sides and decks keeping them clean and making them easy to clean.


A company with a longstanding reputation, it provides pavers for any-sized outdoor spaces. Choosing this brand can transform your outdoor to stunning living spaces be it the front driveway, the side pathway, patio and outdoor kitchen or the areas around the pool.

Stylish and durable, you can depend on the company to give you a wide range of paver solutions too for designs to complement your taste and outdoor façade.

The high-quality make of the pavers give them the unique look that they possess. The specialty of the company is that it provides guides for a project helping customers visualize the space virtually with the different options available before making the final purchase.

There is much space for creativity and innovation when it comes to working with Belgard pavers and its project visualizer. Be it colors, styles or shapes, you can do a lot with its products.


Yet another war-horse, the company provides pavers for building that perfect outdoor ambiance that you are looking for.

The company offers a wide range of designs variations and choice of patterns, colors, textures and also sizes. The unique product of the company is its Panorama Series that is a five-piece system form complete formation.

They have beautiful round edges and come in the attractive and convenient rectangular shape giving your outdoor space a timeless grace.

The other ranges include the RockFace Split and the Pavestone Rumblestone. The former is meant for outdoor spaces that mimics a rustic look of the weathered stones and the later are meant to give fireplaces and enclosures the unique rugged look.

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