5 Best Lawn Care Tips

  • #8 August,2018

A lovely lush green lawn in front of your home is an asset in more than one ways. A little heaven on earth, it allows your eyes to get the much-needed rest from the glare that the digital world gives. Moreover, it purifies the air and gives you the much-needed breath of fresh air that you need to combat the physical and mental stress of the world.

Apart from being among the most aesthetically pleasing elements that you could owe and flaunt to your friends, a well-maintained lawn definitely increases the value of your property! Prominent landscape architects in Florida insist on properties having an expansive lawn that is not covered by hardscape for best results.


Here are some useful lawn care tips from the lawn service providers that will help you maintain quality lawn all through the year.


Choice of Grass

The first criteria for having a lush lawn is selecting the type of grass that is suited to the local weather. Florida, in particular, has long spells of hot weather and not all grass types have the ability to withstand it. Zoysia and the Bermuda variant are best suited for the weather of the region and it is best to check it out with your local lawn service provider before you start seeding the lawn.



Mowing the grass all through the year is a must in warm climates and you must know the exact length of the grass that you should mow. Cutting off too much below the stipulated length will end up the grasses having weeds and not attain proper growth and health. Allowing the blades to grow long encourages the roots to go deeper and protects the grass from harsh weather conditions.



The best way to water your lawn is to do it when the grass needs it. However, water restrictions may not make it possible. Make sure to water the lawn on the morning or late in the evening when the heat is the least. This helps the grass to absorb the water more effectively and encourages root growth to resist drought.


Weed Control

Choosing the right type of organic and toxin-free pesticides according to the grass type is best done by the experts. Random application of these may end up doing more harm than good. Those dealing with landscape design and maintenance are usually trained in the subject and carry out the work best.



Fertilization is as indispensable to the upkeep of a good lawn as keeping pests away from it. Choosing the right fertilizer has to be done carefully. Once again take the help of experts and consult on the exact fertilizer that will suit your lawn’s needs even if you wish to apply them yourself. In certain parts of the state, fertilization has to be done twice or more in a year to maintain proper lawn health.

Maintaining your lawn is more than a DIY job. While you can carry out the mowing and watering part yourself, fertilization and pest control are best-taken care of by professionals providing lawn care services. This will ensure that you enjoy its beautiful green view and also use it to its optimal best.

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