Best Time To Water Lawns In Hot Weather

  • #24 August,2018

An essential of your lawn care is everyday watering ensuring that it remains lush green all through. What matters is the time of the day when it should be watered and also the frequency at which to carry it out. This has special significance in places with hot and dry weather conditions.


Plants and Water

Watering plants are essential to helping them a healthy life. They need it for their everyday living and growth process that gives the healthy green look of the lawn. The water is taken up by the roots and delivered to the leaves for processing during photosynthesis.

Lack of water results in the wilting of the plants that may be temporary or permanent depending on the drought intensity. In the case of partial wilting, the grass turns brown and revives its green color and vigor on getting water. If the dry spell continues for too long, there is the danger of the grass drying out and dying damaging the lawn irreparably.


Why timing is important?

As much as watering the plants and the grass is important, the timing of doing it has equal significance. The tiny openings on the surface of the leaves remain open during the day through which they give out oxygen. Incorrect timing of watering may lead to the water getting evaporated through the stomata resulting in the wilting of leaves.


What is the right time?

This leads us to the access the correct timing of watering the lawn. Technically speaking, the best time to water your lawn is outdoor temperatures are low – morning and evening. In fact, the ideal time to water your lawn is at the break of dawn when it is still cool and the water is utilized by the grass for photosynthesis without loss through evaporation.

Mid-day is the worst time of the day to water your lawn as it is sure to result in wilting and loss of the green look due to excessive evaporation. Watering at night is not a correct option either as the water that remains on the leaves makes it vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, the grass leaves do not tend to absorb the water readily as the sap is not sucked upwards as it is done during the day.


Check your sprinkler systems too

You should also carry out a regular check on your lawn sprinkler system for it to be able to water each part of the lawn evenly. Make sure that you pay special attention to parts of the lawn that get more sunlight as they are more prone to become dry and need restoration of the moisture.

The water that was sucked out by the hot and humid weather condition should be restored to the right depth. At least five centimeters below the ground should be wet for the roots to suck it effectively. Make sure that you do not over-water it at any time. This may lead to a fungal outbreak that will cause more damage.

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