List Of Best Drought Tolerant Plants In Florida

  • #4 October,2018

When you are planning landscape design of your lawn or garden in Florida, aesthetics, and functionality surely come first. But there is also the important factor of choosing the right variant of flowers and plants according to the local climatic conditions.

Given the strong drought-like conditions that are prevalent in the state, even the best-dressed garden can look distraught and barren if the chosen plants do not survive.

We have for you a list of the best drought-tolerant plants giving you a good choice for preparing the perfect landscape design.


Beach Sunflower: Both drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant too making it an ideal choice for those of you that are near the beach. They are also good for places that get direct sunlight. Whether the upright or the prostrate variants make attractive garden borders.

Blanket Flower: Meant to create a blanket covering these are to be paired with the Beach Sunflower for creating eye-catching borders. These too bloom in direct sunlight and are salt-tolerant and drought-tolerant.

Beautyberry: The Beautyberry shrub grows both in direct sunlight and in the shade. They are capable of attaining a height of six to eight feet and give a bloom of lavender flowers along with purple berries in late summer to early fall.

Bluestem Palmetto: One of the hardiest varieties of palm in the world, it is capable of putting up with almost any type of soil conditions. It has a love for shades and also looks great when planted around tall trees.

Firebush: A plant that loves direct sunlight and also tolerates shade, the Firebush is a fine plant to have in the garden. The red tubular flowers give it its name and also attract butterflies making your garden a hub of nature’s activities!

Golden Aster: If you are looking for a plant that can stand up to sandy soil and plenty of direct sunlight, the Golden Aster is the one to opt for. Growing up to a couple of feet, it brings yellow flowers during its long blooming periods.

Longleaf Pine: It is suitable for the southern weather and grows up to 100 feet in height. These stately pines add value to any landscape and property. Also, their long needle-shaped leaves make very good mulch.

Seagrapes: This evergreen low shrub is extremely drought-tolerant and can grow up to 35 feet when placed in frost-free conditions. It makes for attractive sidewall in the lawn with the thick green foliage and abundance of small and white fragrant flowers from late spring to early summer.

Silver Buttonwood: Capable of thriving in extreme drought conditions of very little water, it is among the hardest variants to survive in Florida. Use it as an accent or hedge with its silver leaves adding to the visual effect of the landscape.

Silver Saw Palmetto: The plant is capable of withstanding the driest of weathers and can thrive both in direct sunlight as well as in the shade. It can withstand salty conditions growing to 12 feet with fan-shaped leaves that are a good contrast foliage choice with its silver and blue contrast.

Spiderwort: Again, a Florida native, the shrub grows 1 to 2 feet and upright and like both sun and the shade. The showy blue and three-petaled flowers of an inch lends a stunning look to the side hedges.

Trumpet Honeysuckle: Native to Florida, the vine is ideal for any greenscape. Its bright yellow and red tubular flowers that inter-twine add a riot of colors in the right places and also attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

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